Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tim's Tags 2012 - July

 Yeah I am actually getting this tag uploaded before the month finishes. 
I am hopefully going to get a few more things done too, I am still trying to find the work/homework/scrapbooking balance!

Below is Tim's version of the the July tag, and when I first saw it I thought what the hell am I going to do!
The tag centers around 4th of July and Americana, which is not something I need to make a tag on!
So I spent a few day thinking and decided that as Tim has not done a January tag, and January is Winter to Americans, his tag might be Winter themed, which would suit our July!
So I switched out the months and this will become my 'honorary January' tag!
January 26th is Australia Day, our 4th of July I guess.  So I dug out my Teresa Collins Stamp Maker (which has not seen as much use as it needs too!), I had ran out of the negative film you print on, so I used Acetate, but it gave the printed image a furry and not very detailed image.  But it was ok!
I found a Kangaroo image with the Southern Cross and made the stamp below!
 I changed the colours from Red and Blue to Gold and Green, our National Colours.  I swapped the 4 mini numeral for 26.  I love the techniques in this tag, from the canned air splatters and the multi coloured crinkle ribbon!
Thanks for another great month of techniques Tim!


SammyD said...

Nice job!
I thought the same when I saw T!m's tag - how to make it!

Winnie said...

Sooo adorable. Love the image you used. First time I have seen a Kangaroo stamp. Love it. Great that you made it your own.

Helen said...

How fab to make your own stamp - Love your take on Tim's tag.