Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tim's Tags 2012 - February

 I was upset to read earlier this year (MUCH earlier this year!!) that Tim was giving up his '12 Tags of Christmas' and I fully understand his reasons for switching it to '12 Tags of 2012', but I have been really unmotivated lately and I look at them each month, but don't get the itch.
Well that changed this month, maybe it was me getting a seat in Tim's class  (so so so excited about this!), but I have found myself once again using my scraps and supplies to create the tags.
The above tag is Tim's original version (his blog has full instructions to make this tag!), I got myself some honeycomb paper and have to say I love it, although I did kill my first heart made, by putting my cutting matt on it by accident!
The below tag is mine and you can see I have had to use a few different things to create my tag, but overall I am happy with the result, just annoyed that it has taken my 4 months to get inspired to do it!
I hope you like it!

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