Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tim's Tags #6

I caught up a little bit today, getting two tags done today, plus some of my Daily December Album!

Tim's tag for day 6, was heaps of fun, but again I found myself doing loads of substituting!!
I did not have the metal tape, so I used some silver foil cardstock, which worked fine.  I used this embossing folder because I love it, but I sort of don't now!! LOL!!  It was so much work to colour all the little patch works!  Tim was right when he said some paint won't stick to metal, some even would not stick to this foil paper!  And I don't have a burnishing block, so my sanding block was used very lightly.
I used a Fab-Scraps charm and added kaiser pearls.
Can't wait to work on the remaining tags!


pooriin said...

wow~ so cute! Can't wait to see more too :D

Crafty Kate said...

Colours are definitely better than suggested by Tim! I like that there are pinks and violets in it. And wreath is really nice -gives the whole piece finished look

Anonymous said...

Your 'metal' tag turned out beautifully. I like all the work you went thru to colour all the patches - it's what makes it so lovely.

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