Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tim's Tags #12!

Wow I am actually finishing Tim Holtz' 12 Tags of Christmas in December!  I think that is a first for me!!
I have a small confession to make I really don't like Tim's Fractured Dolls, now those of you who know me know I love Tim and everything he makes, until them.
When tag 12 popped up on his blog, I thought oh no what am I going to do!  I thought for a few days about using an old vintage angel decoration that was my Nan's, but I could not bring myself to cut it and glue it to a tag.  So I went to the local opportunity shop and looked for Christmas decorations, they had a bag full of Vintage decorations for 50c!!
So poor Santa here got the chop!!
I didn't have the artful dwellings die, so I have just rough cut a shape to fit.


Marianne in MD said...

Your tag turned out great and how lucky to find a bag of old ornaments to use. I don't like the creepy dolls either so I really like your version.

Ms_Dee said...

Good for you that you found something else to use in that bag of goodies you found......I don't know why I like that creepy fractured doll...It must be the vintage feel that it has.....