Monday, December 6, 2010

Our Busy Weekend

Ethan with his mecano set, he has not stopped building things with this set yet!
On Sunday we had Pa's work picnic at the Summit in Trafalgar East, it's a great place where you can canoe, swim, water slide, rock climb, have a go on the flying fox, rope bridge and more. After two years of watching Ethan on the flying fox, Imogen decided this year she would too. So after getting all harnessed and slowly walking up the hill, we were told she was too light and would stop over the lake which would scare her, but she could go on it with her brother. So back down the hill we go, harness Ethan, then back up the hill. I thought she would chicken out, but nope, she did it! Then again later in the day, she would have gone on it more if we had more time too.
So maybe next year she can go by herself.
Getting ready to go, I thought Ethan was going to strangle her, he was gripping her so tight! When they set off the instructor called out on his radio "We got a couple of weenies coming down" I love it!!
I don't think Immy saw anything of the actual flying fox trip, she spend the ride with her head tucked into Ethan! But she was brave enough to do it again, which shocked me and the instructor!
Imogen with her present from Santa (who arrived on the flying fox!!), she got a scrapbook kit. She loves it because now she has her own stuff!!

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