Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Another Birthday Card!

I am not a card maker - HONEST! Even though it's all I seem to do now!
I am a scrapbooker, who makes cards using my scraps, but the kid's have had so many birthday parties lately that all I seem to do is make cards for their friends.
This is what Imogen looked like after her friends party on Saturday. Even her hair was multi coloured.
Oh by the way she is a BIRD not a butterfly. (Trust Imogen she has to be different!)
Now I have a boys card to make for a party Ethan is going to next week!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Melbourne Show

Ok I really need to spend some time scrapbooking, but we have been so busy personally and with the shop, so you will have to settle for family updates!
Over the school holidays we spent a day at the Melbourne Show.
Ethan loved getting to pull the steam engine's whistle!
He also loved the haunted house. He probably would have loved to go in if one of us had taken him. Immy - we could not bribe her to even go near the people for photos!!
Imogen loved the dolls
And after a small hissy fit she also enjoyed the baby animals, after she actually stopped to touch one. We could not get her away from the chickens!
Poor chickens, imagine having to spend ten days with kids harassing you!