Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A day in Melbourne

We spent a lovely sunny Sunday in Melbourne a few weekends ago, we had no set plans just took a early train into the city and walked/trammed all day.
The first place we headed was Fitzroy gardens to see the dolphin fountain. Immy's new thing when trying to take her photo is to stick her tongue out, how lovely!!
Ethan loved the huge park, we made him read the maps and stop and read signs we saw along the way. He didn't take the hat off all day, even in the Aquarium! Too Cool!!
Then a quick stop and play at the dragon park, you climb up his head and slide down his tail, the kids love him, even if they did have slightly wet bums afterwards!
How cool is this!!
They have added a giraffe swing since we were last there, but he looks funny without a head!?
Then we stopped for a look at the Tudor Village. It was funny listening to the kids about the different little 'men' who lived in the houses!
The fairy tree is something I have loved since I was Ethan's age and first went to see it, it's just magical to kids. But it has seen better days!
Then we went to see Captain Cook's Cottage, the kids and I have been there before, but James had not. It was good because Ethan has just done some 'old times' stuff at school, so it helped him to get a better picture of what the teacher was saying.
Ethan dressed up in the period costume they had for people to dress up in.
The show pony in her dress up.
Then we stopped at the conservatory, pure heaven for little girls! Imogen was amazed by the pretty flowers.
After camera shopping and lunch we headed to the aquarium. The kids loved the new penguin area, they had fun watching them dive and waddle/slide down the ice covered ramp.
Ethan could have watched them swim all day.
Watching the cuttle fish. I do like my new camera, did I mention it's hot pink!!
Looking at the Lion Fish, there was also toad fish in the same tank, but they were so hard to spot.
Imogen playing it up.
Finding Nemo
Looking at the leafy Sea Dragons
'Not another photo for Mum' don't you love how bored scrappers children look in some photos
Ethan loved the turtle, this would have been a great photo if the damn shark didn't swim past!
Posing again!!
Ethan looked so small against the rays in the big shark tank.
The kids were amazed by the size of the sharks.

We got to sit and watch feeding time. The kids thought the rays were gross eaters.
We then walked down South Bank, watched an amazing busker, then had ice cream at Trampoline. I actually don't mind this photo of me, I usually hate them, but did you see my new hot pink Pentax!!!
Then I went to the Tim Burton expo at Federation Square, I LOVE him, his mind must be amazing and twisted. But you were not allowed to take photos in the expo, which I hate. Because there was some amazing pieces.
On the train coming home after and amazingly long day.
Ethan with 'Tommy turtle' and a very chocolate ice cream stained face!!

Imogen and 'Sally Sweetie Pie' the octopus. Only she could come up with a name like that! (Oh and don't call her Sally Sweetie Pants I nearly got my head bitten off!!) She never made it home, she crashed in the 2 minute car trip from the station to home!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fat Wombat Scrappin??

One of the ladies who come into the shop and crop on a Wednesday is a wildlife rescue lady, the wombats are like babies and need to be feed often, so they come with her.
Everyone loves them, and we fight for cuddles, especially the kids.
These photos were taken on a day Ethan had off sick from school - the same day Gabi took the wombats to his school!! That's why we had the two bigger wombats in as well.
These two photos are the kids and baby Blossom.

This is Claire, the little bulldozer!
Fiona giving Blossom kisses.