Friday, July 30, 2010

Imogen's Wildlife Encounter

Imogen's kinder had a "Wildlife Encounter" a few weeks ago. Imogen loved it she touched everything and did not stop yapping about it for the rest of the day!
They got to see alot of animals, even some big spiders, but they could not touch them.

The man was good, he was putting the snakes on the kids without giving them the option! But it was so fast, which didn't leave much time for photos!

She loved the blue tongue lizard, it 'kissed' her

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Not Much to Share!!

Time is just not my friend at the moment!! The shop has been busy and classes filling up. I have just not been having any scrap time to myself!
I finally finished this layout off, it was made from a kit we received from Core'Dinations at Creative Block in April (yeah it's been that long!!) It was designed to show how Core colours match together despite coming from separate ranges (Black Magic, Vintage, White Wash and Gemstones used here) it also uses scraps from the Core Amour Onyx. I added a few extras to the basic design and I LOVE my page.
This next layout is from the Colour Room Palette #6 and sketch. I wish I had time to work on these skecthes each week.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

School Holidays...

It's school holidays and I am getting nothing I mean NOTHING done! I take the kids to work with me and that stops me from doing most things as it's always "I'm hungry" "He pushed me" "Mum Immy..." Ahhhhhh!!
Plus we have had children booked into our school holiday program every day, which is great, but I've had to clean my work area up to fit them, so I don't see any scrapping getting done over the next week!!
Yesterday we had a texture canvas day and the kids had a blast, I left my kids with the in laws for the day as the class is good messy fun, and I really didn't need two little helpers. The six canvases all looked so different and very beautiful.
So all I really have to share is photos from a very hectic morning last Thursday...
Ethan had a barn dance at school and they could dress up Western style, pretty easy we have cowboy dress ups. I didn't get very good photos at the actual dance the school has a small gym and all the kids from grades prep - 3, where all dancing at the same time, add in all the parents around them and it was squashy and very hot (despite being freezing outside!)
Immy also had a dress up day, Oriental! (Like two dress up days on the one day aren't bad enough, but Oriental!!) Luckily Mum, who is the dress up Queen, had this dress (which is a size 10!! And Immy fits a size 3!!!) stashed away, so she fixed it and Immy loved it. They had the kinder set up so well, they had low, long tables with black and red bowls, chopsticks and they had an Asian banquet for lunch.