Thursday, May 13, 2010

Too Long Between Posts

Warning: Long Photo Filled post ahead!
The above card is the card I made for Mum for Mother's Day. I used all scraps (these ones where from my Fancy Pants Class in Queensland, all I added was some ribbon, a button, a rub on and some glimmermist!
This was the card I made for my Nan for Mother's Day. Mum, Nan, Imogen and myself had a lovely afternoon tea at a bed and breakfast in the hills behind Trafalgar. It was lovely and hopefully I will share some photos soon! Nan's card was made with scraps again, some old rub ons and Glimmermist. (Ok so the class with Wendy might have furthered my Glimmermist obsession!)
This little wall hanging, was the only thing I did for myself at our mad National Scrapbook Day! In my defence I was doing demos, make and takes and serving as well! It is a combination of Tattered Angels and Tim Holtz products, I was in pure heaven creating this!!!
A close up pf the top portion, the clock charm has been coated in the new Glimmer Glaze, I love this effect, it has made a new charm look a little older.
Imogen outside the WGAC after seeing the Gruffalo, she really liked the play, I didn't know how she would like it, seeing as how it had to be changed and added to for it to become a stage show. But she loved it, but was very unsure of the 'gruffao' when he ran into the audience - right past her!
It's funny because it looks like she is reading the book, but it's really only that she knows the book off by heart. She reads it nearly every day and just loves everything about it.
It's football season here, and we are really not a huge football family, we don't even watch it, but Pa has been buying Ethan football cards and they came with these Essendon tattoos. Imogen knows the Essendon theme song off by heart. I need to try and catch her on the movie camera one day, she sings the right words, but some like premiership come out so wrong!
Ethan had a play date at his friend Harry's house last weekend, he made this picture at Harry's house.
Ethan with his tattoo, I think it suits him, seeing as we call him the Mozzie!
Imogen the diva reading the Coles free beauty magazine on top of our class tables at work, she was so impressed with this 'make up book This is so Imogen!
Ethan had his lapathon at school not that long ago, he wanted to dress up as Buzz Lightyear, I couldn't go because of work, but Pa went and took some photos for me, Ethan did 7 laps of the school oval.
Dad said he was so funny, he would speed up as he got near where Pa was standing, then slow back down when he got away from Pa. This is so typical Ethan, he is not the sportiest kid ever!!
Mystified class in Melbourne with Heidi and Wendy was amazing I just loved it! I learnt so much and have heaps of knowledge to pass on to customers at the shop. It was a great chance to spend time with Mum and Sam too.
The lovely Arlington, this was the same venue as Create 08. It is lovely, and Wattle Park (where the Chalet is) is lovely and I would love to get the chance to walk around and see the gardens one day.
Us with the beautiful and talented Heidi Swapp. I love taking classes with her, and just wish I could get to more!
Us with the lovely Wendy, owner and inventor of Tattered Angles and all their glimmery goodness! She was a joy to learn off, and I love my mist so much more now!
Embrace the Seepage!!
The lovely glimmermist we got to complete Heidi's project, note all the paper towels in the background!!

Our inky, glimmery hands after 3 classes! (I didn't think they were too bad actually!)

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