Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Easter 2010

Ok sit back make a cuppa and enjoy the long, photo filled post on our Easter.
The kids used their baskets they made at the shop. Immy loved filling her basket, my brother and me used this stuff when we were kids!
Easter morning was a typical up to early, hyped up kids!
Ethan has a sick sense of humor, if you saw the creme egg adds this year you know what I mean. He would have been happy with just one of these eggs and a mouse trap. The Easter Bunny was happy to give him the egg anyway!!
They knew what to expect outside.
The mad egg dash outside!
Full baskets with way too much chocolate.
A very excited Imogen!
We went out for a lovely lunch and Easter egg hunt in the vines at Wild Dog winery.
Ethan and Jasmine.
The kids hunting for eggs in the vines.
Imogen trying to reach for an egg, we had to try and tell her not to just get the pink ones!
Ethan and his hunted eggs
Imogen loved the pizza for lunch, except she wanted to share Heather's pizza not mine!
I love this photo of Imogen eating the egg, she was swinging it around her finger and had no idea I was taking photos.
Imogen and Mum.
The lovely Wild Dog Winery, this was the first time we had ever been out there (despite the fact it's like 5 minutes from Warragul). The food was divine, the wine lovely and the view spectacular.

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