Monday, April 19, 2010

Awsome, Amazing, and oh so Inspiring!!

Ok the photos are in reverse order! Brain still not functioning at 100%!! We had an amazing three days at Print Blocks Warehouse in Brisbane. Then a lovely relaxed Sunday on South Bank with Leonie. If you want to see some sneak peaks of the scrappin side of my holiday head over to the Fat Cat Blog! We did some amazing classes.
The photo above was at the restaurant where we had lunch on Sunday, Amechi's.
Bec with 'Tilly the Tida' this is the smallest car I have ever driven (with the touchiest breaks too!)
*Oh and just a side note if you ever need a navigator DO NOT get Bec. We were doing circles in Brisbane's centre for ages before she figured the map out (I let her drive from that point on!)
What's the go with all the damn one way streets anyway at least in Melbourne you can do a u turn!!

The lovely walking path on South Bank, the bougainvillea's looked so pretty running up the fence. Brisbane's South Bank is much prettier than Melbourne's.
South Bank Brisbane
A lovely Orb Spider just outside Leonie's veranda. They are only slightly bigger than the ones we get here.
Sangria - my new favorite!! We went to a lovely Mexican place for tea, the food was superb! Then a short walk to get some Cold Rock Ice Cream for dessert!
Bec and her Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri.
My old favorite Madori Splice! YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We had tea on South Bank at Satay Hut after the cocktail function, the food was lovely here too, Bec had a nice curry I stuck with what they are named for satay.
Leonie and Bec looking at my prize from the function, a heap of Graphic 45 paper pads.
Leonie at Satay hut.

The view from the balcony of the Fox hotel where we attended the Friday night cocktail party.
Me and Leonie on Friday night.
Sunset on the plane heading to Brisbane.

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