Friday, January 15, 2010

Christmas/New Years Eve Family Photos

Christmas Eve at Mum and Dad's. Fiona made potent Chocolate Alcohol. Lucky Santa didn't get any!
James and Ethan putting together Ethan's present he got off Fiona and Micheal, the kids were super lucky getting to open presents on Christmas Eve.
Immy and Dad Christmas Eve.
Christmas Morning at Mum and Dad's. Ethan loved Sherk the Halls with the Gingerbread man.
Immy with another DS game.
Imogen actually squealed when she opened this present from Nanny and Pa. But there is a story with it. Imogen was shopping with us one day and when we caught up with Nanny she had this in her trolley, Imogen was so happy to see it there - until Nanny told her it was for a cousin, her face fell (and anyone who knows Immy knows she is a Diva and doesn't like not getting her way) but she just excepted it, she had a big frown and said 'she will love it' and she had a tear run down her check. No big tantrum like normal. So when she opened it you could not wipe the smile off her face.
Ethan got some Lego off Nanny and Pa.
Imogen and 'Big Nan'
Auntie Leonie and Ethan New Year's Eve, unfortunately it was so hot and muggy and we were all tired, I really didn't get too many photos. Leonie, Fiona and Myself (and occasionally Mum and Dad would join us) has a funny game of pictionary while the boys played the Wii. It is funny hoe bad a drawing some people are (not naming myself here or anything!)

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