Thursday, December 17, 2009

Melbourne Visit

Last Thursday night the kids and myself went to Melbourne for our yearly Christmas trip. The kids had a blast but it was a late night.
Crown was the only busy part of the night. But the kids love the show. It was the same as last year, so Imogen was ready for the monkeys falling from the ceiling this year!

The Myer Windows were Olivia saves Christmas this year, we picked a really good night to go there was very few people around, it was a nice night (the only real downside was the traffic coming home, 1 lane only from the tunnel to about 1/2 way home!!!!) Myer was still open after we saw the Windows and Ethan asked the lady at the door if Santa was still there, and he was. So we went to 'Santa Land' to visit him and ride the train. We got straight in to see Santa, Imogen is still asking for a DS with Pet Shops. We were lucky to see Santa so quick the ladies said there had been a 3 hour wait earlier that day! We brought the book the windows are based on and a new gingerbread ornament for our tree.

The kids always pose with this dog each time we go to Melbourne.

The Federation Tree.

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