Friday, November 6, 2009

Some ATC's I shoud have done ages ago!

We I have been so busy in the shop that I have not have time to even look at Wednesday Stamper or Thank God it's Friday. But I cleared the schedule today and made some projects for myself. The first is three ATC's for Thank God it's Friday.
The top right ATC was for the 'pointy hats' prompt, the top left was 'vampires' and the bottom was 'little witch'
The next group were for Wednesday Stamper, the top right was for the 'key' prompt, the top left was for 'Halloween 2009' (I found this stamp in Fiona's stuff at work and just felt this was so appropriate for this Halloween with our lovely Ginger.) The Bottom was for 'Chocolate'
And finally these are some ATC's I did for a chose your own theme swap on All Craftz. You picked a theme and then were put into groups and had to make a card for everyone. The top right card was Europe/Paris, the top left was mother nature, the bottom right was metal and the bottom left was fabric.

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