Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ethan's 6th Birthday

It was Ethan's 6th Birthday last Sunday. Wow 6 years has just flown! He was not going to have a party, but he put the guilt trip on me about not being home much now that the shop has opened. So I threw together a quick party with five of his school friends on Friday after school at the shop. Practice for the next two weekends I have birthday parties at the shop!

The kids made robot bookmarks, just a quick and easy little craft for them. I got some great photos, which I can not wait to scrap. I made a robot cake (which yes did not look like a train! LOL you had to be there - Sam came in to the shop while I was madly decorating the robot, I told her not to laugh at my cake decorating skills, she said I won't, but your not a very good cake decorator it looks nothing like a train! Well this had me in hysterics, I said to her that's good it's not a train, it's a robot. What a laugh!)

Before the party we took some silly snaps, Ethan is so funny, he has started to pull faces when ever I pull the camera out.

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