Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Melbourne Show

Why people wanted to go on this ride was beyond me (but we liked the pirate) it was one of those splash down rides, so on an already miserable wet day, they were getting even wetter. So of course Ethan wanted to go on it!

This huge Spiderman poster was on one of the games. Ethan got a spiderman showbag and Imogen got a Dora. No surprises there!

The kids on a kid's ride, they got that balloon basket swinging really fast. Not the greatest photo!

Ethan and Fiona getting ready to go on the roller coaster.

About half way through! Ethan is a little dare devil, he loved it.

In the baby animal area. Ethan loved it and Imogen had stage fright. Ethan with one of the chooks, they were really tame.

Ethan with the whiskers cat mask. One word dork!!!

Imogen and Fiona with a Sphinx cat. She loved getting to pat all the different cats.

On Sunday (the worst possible day) Fiona and myself took the kids to the Melbourne Show. It was not to wet, defiantly not as wet as here! But we were able to spend some time outside, which we didn't think would happen. The kids loved the Whiskers cat show, the baby animals and Ethan loved the rides, especially the roller coaster.

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