Friday, August 14, 2009

Inkurable Stampers Catch Up

I have wanted to do Inkurable Stampers challenge each month, but always ran out of time. I enjoyed July's challenge so much and with my extra time, I decided to catch up. I love how different they all are. The top row left to right are January - Jigsaw puzzle, February - Soot Stamping (which never really worked, so I adapted and love the effect), March - Alphabet Stamps. Bottom row left to right are April - Inkurable Stampers colors orange, white and black, May - Ribbon and Lace, June - Bleach Stamping.

Now i'm off to do August's challenge, and hopefully a few others as well.


ann said...

WOW these are gorgeous Leesa. xx

Vicky said...

They look great Leesa, can`t wait to see your entry to this month`s theme