Thursday, January 1, 2009

Another Layout

I just got this sketch done last night. Only to find out I could not enter as I needed the forum administrator to register my registration. Oh well at least I got another lot of photos scrapped! The sketch is from 123 Scrapbook.
I have used photos that Marie took while the kids were decorating gingerbread houses that Fiona made. The kids had such a great time. What kind of a scrapbooker forgets to take a camera to something like that. Lucky for me Marie, Nicole and Mum all had their camera's (oh plus Fiona's camera.) Immy did her tartrum because I wouldn't let her eat the chocolate Santa in her lolly bowl, Nic got a great photo of the tantrum too.

Black and white is not a colour scheme I would normally scrap. But I really like this layout.

1 comment:

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