Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas in Melbourne

On Sunday we went into Melbourne and spent the afternoon seeing the Christmas sights in the City. Ethan was in his element, Immy got bored fast especially waiting to see the windows. We walked through Burke Street Mall and watched the buskers, Ethan's and my favorite was this man who was dressed as a Santa statue, he just slightly moved his fingers at Ethan when he put money in his hat.
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Then they had a ride on the Santa train at Myers . This was the first year Imogen has been able to have a ride. While we waited the ride when 3 times around the track. The train the kids went on only went once so we never got good photos.

After the train we went to see the Mirabel tree. Ethan loved showing James that it talks when you press the hand. Then it was Hungary Jacks for tea.
Then we went to Federation Square to see the advent calender and the birds in the atrium. Immy liked the fish in the wall best.

Then we went back to Myer to see if the window line had gotten any smaller, which it had not! But it didn't take us long to get to the windows. Ethan loved them, Immy was a bit over them because she had seen enough while waiting in the line. She enjoyed dancing while we waited to the music playing over the speakers. We also brought the book "How Santa Really Works" so now Ethan thinks elves are hiding everywhere watching him.

We then jumped on a tram, our feet had done heaps of walking, and went to see the Crown show, it was packed! Then home or the day, and even after such a big day the kids didn't sleep on the way home, they where just so excited.

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