Sunday, December 7, 2008

Busy, busy!!

What a week! The weather might not fit "normal Christmas" weather, but it is the silly season! This week has just been insane! Monday night we had class at Simply Said It was our bird page for our bug book. Tuesday was just silly, I had to start early and the local paper which was due out never came out until the next day so everyone was peeved and taking it out on us. Wednesday I missed our Chat and Create session at Simply Said, so I did the Decoration class with Nic that night, got home completely buggered only to have to take Ethan to Casualty with shortness of breath and wheezing. But we didn't have to wait we where taken straight in and Ethan was diagnosed with Asthma, which we have always thought he could progress to.
Thursday morning was spent divided between the hospital and Doctors, before I dragged myself off to work (feeling really tired and down because I have the flu!!) I took Friday off work, took the Kids to creche and went to the Fiskars sale in Port Melbourne. Got some great bargains!! Which cheered me up substantially!!! James was checking the phone messages when we got home and said "if James' will let you out" I gave him a puzzled look and listened to the message. Which was Marie inviting me to a casual create night at the shop. Which was just what I needed so off I went again (The house has been very empty and neglected this week!!).
So I started my Scrappers Journal. I am loving it. I hope to have it ready to take to Heidi Swapp later this month so I can get her to sign it. Then Saturday was spent at Simply Said for their Christmas Chaos Day. We had a very full day and a lot of very happy Scrappers and Children by the end. Marie took some cute photos of my cherubs making their Gingerbread. She has a great photo of Immy on her blog

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