Sunday, November 9, 2008

Immy's Birthday Party

We had a really good morning at Giggles this morning, and thankfully now my little fairy princess is asleep. She ran herself to exhaustion! We had her party in the fairy, and Immy was (of course) the fairy princess. When we were getting ready to go this morning I told her to go and put her runners on and she promptly told me "fairy princesses don't wear runners, Mum". She wanted high heals!!

She has no fear what so ever, she was jumping off the jumping castles and straight over the step to the ground. I was quite a big jump, but she did it every time.

It took me hours yesterday making her cake! But I am really happy with it, I think it's the best cake I've made for the kids yet. I had to put it in a box though as the castle turrets kept wanting to fall over. I successfully made her "fairy Princess Dora Castle" that was requested. Lucky or Miss Madame would have thrown a hissy fit!!!

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