Monday, October 20, 2008

Paperific Spring 2008

I went to Paperific on Sunday, which was a good thing from what people said to me there, they said Friday was really busy, Saturday was hot (which it would have been, as it was a much cooler day Sunday, and still really warm in the building. I had to take Immy with me,and she was good most of the time. I had the time to do 5 make and takes. I missed a few, as they were really busy. I should have started them first then looked around. Ohh well! There's always next year. This was the first year I have been and it was smaller than what I thought.

One stall was really nice and even let Immy make a card. Which was really nice except she wanted to join each one after that. Can you pick which one Immy made?! She even had a go at the punch, which she couldn't press. I was so thankful when she finally fell asleep! Her getting up at 6am was too much for her, I had hoped she would sleep on the train, but no she just yapped!!

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