Thursday, October 30, 2008

Imogen's 3rd Birthday


We had a quiet night at home to celebrate, opening presents and a cake. Just a Coles one, we will have a special 'mummy made' one for her party next weekend. She wants a Dora cake and fairy princess Dora party. Could she make it any harder!! And to make it worse my laptop has died, and while we wait for it to get repaired (fingers crossed!!) we have to share James computer. So I have lost Imogen's party invitations, all my blogs addresses I visit, so I will be spending the whole day on the computer when I get it back.

Immy loved her presents, and it was Ethan's turn to have his nose out of joint, he said to Immy when she opened Aunty Leonie's present "You play with the handbag and I will play with the dog" to which Immy replied " No, Immy will play with the handbag and Immy will play with the dog. She called Leonie to say thanks for her present and James snapped the cutest photo of her laughing while talking to Aunty Onie. Please ignore the mess in my room!!

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Sandie said...

Gidday Leesa, sounds like heaps of fun going on in your house - including your poor puter breaking down.....pooh cack!!!!

Luv the animated photos of the kids - they are classics. Luv the first one with Imogen with her hands back - she is a hoot. And I love the last one with her on the phone. She looks like an old woman!!!!

Look forward to catching up in Warragul again soon.

Hope you can join in my weekly sketches again - they are back up and running.

Luv Sandie