Sunday, October 5, 2008

Ethan's 5th Birthday Party

Well Saturday was Ethan's 5th birthday and to celebrate we had a Superheros Party with 5 of his Kinder and Creche friends, plus Immy had a little friend also. Immy had her nose out of joint, everytime Ethan opened presents she cracked the shits big time. But she only needs to wait another few weeks and its her birthday.

I was really worried about the weather Friday and Saturday morning, our house is just too small for 8 hypo kids and the few parents that stayed. But it was actually quite warm in the sun.

Ethan had his Girlfriend Savannah at his party and when we took the group photo all the boys called out 'Ethan has a Girlfriend, Ethan likes Savannah.' It was so cute.

The kids had heaps of fun running around the back yard. Can not wait to scrap the photos. James was behind the camera, and he snapped heaps. Which is the only benefit to his new camera!!
We had three spiderman's (Ethan's was the only one with muscles!!), a batman, a incredible, a sporticus (from Lazy town on ABC) and Immy was Super Girl. Nannie found this costume and she looked so cute. Who was very tired at the end of the day.

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