Thursday, October 30, 2008

Imogen's 3rd Birthday


We had a quiet night at home to celebrate, opening presents and a cake. Just a Coles one, we will have a special 'mummy made' one for her party next weekend. She wants a Dora cake and fairy princess Dora party. Could she make it any harder!! And to make it worse my laptop has died, and while we wait for it to get repaired (fingers crossed!!) we have to share James computer. So I have lost Imogen's party invitations, all my blogs addresses I visit, so I will be spending the whole day on the computer when I get it back.

Immy loved her presents, and it was Ethan's turn to have his nose out of joint, he said to Immy when she opened Aunty Leonie's present "You play with the handbag and I will play with the dog" to which Immy replied " No, Immy will play with the handbag and Immy will play with the dog. She called Leonie to say thanks for her present and James snapped the cutest photo of her laughing while talking to Aunty Onie. Please ignore the mess in my room!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pernickety Baby Month Week 3

I really enjoyed this weeks challenge, so much so I started as soon as I found the post. It had me intrigued, having to make a interactive card, not just a open shut, pink, 1st birthday. So I have made a little handbag, a card and a paper chain doll information card.

The bag is so cute and I have spent the last couple of days trying to keep it away from Imogen!! It has been made with a pink cardstock base, pink spot paper. Pink flowers and green brads, plus the Melissa Frances lock!

The little card is one I have made from an idea in a magazine. It is white based, a pink flower with stickles around the edge. a circle for the centre from patterned paper, with dimensional magic coat and pink bling centre. The stem is torn. The edges inked. Happy Birthday stamp and one in pink ink behind the happy birthday.

The third part to this set is the paper doll chain. Which are really simple to make and embellished with bits and pieces I have in my stash. On the back of them is some facts about Imogen at one.

Monday, October 20, 2008

When did Max get this big

Since Leonie has not seen Max since she was a little kitten I thought I would give her a quick Max update, and Max was willing to let me take her photo tonight. She is so grown up now. She rules our house, or at least she thinks so! I love the photo of Immy and Max, Im has sheer delight in her eyes and Max has sheer terror.

Paperific Spring 2008

I went to Paperific on Sunday, which was a good thing from what people said to me there, they said Friday was really busy, Saturday was hot (which it would have been, as it was a much cooler day Sunday, and still really warm in the building. I had to take Immy with me,and she was good most of the time. I had the time to do 5 make and takes. I missed a few, as they were really busy. I should have started them first then looked around. Ohh well! There's always next year. This was the first year I have been and it was smaller than what I thought.

One stall was really nice and even let Immy make a card. Which was really nice except she wanted to join each one after that. Can you pick which one Immy made?! She even had a go at the punch, which she couldn't press. I was so thankful when she finally fell asleep! Her getting up at 6am was too much for her, I had hoped she would sleep on the train, but no she just yapped!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Pernickety Baby Month Tags

Well here is the second challenge for baby month a tag to celebrate christening/baptism/name day. I made two tags because I had two ideas, one for a more religious/traditional and one for more new age non religious ceremonies.

The traditional one is a pink base, with a lace design I found on the internet featuring a cross, a dove and some lace. The dove is lifted with foam tape, with lots of pink and purple ribbons on the top of the tag.

The second is a white base, pink vellum, pink pearls, glittered butterflies on foam tape, plus lots of soft pink ribbons and fibers.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ethan meets ThingleToodle at Kinder today

Ethan has been so excited about meeting ThingleToodle since he found out he was coming to kinder. He has been counting down the days and was so excited this morning. They sang road safety songs and all got to give Thingle a cuddle and a high five. Lyn, Ethan's Teacher even went and dressed up as a car, and pretended to drive for the songs.

Ethan loved it, he never gave me so much as a backwards glance as I left. When James got home from work Ethan was still going on about meeting Thingle he said to James "ThingleToodle is really real Dad."

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Dorky Son

I caught Ethan hunting around the kitchen the other day after I cooked some cocktail franks for them for lunch. I never thought much about it, then he sat down and put on the "bear" glove (I brought this for him at a linen party plan, after he loved it so much). He then picked up his fork, with the massive oven mitt on his hand and try to eat the franks!! What a dork!!

Sandie's Week 6 Sketch & The Loss Of My Mojo

Well I think I have lost my mojo this week:(!! I am having really trouble creating anything. I even had a spend up at Simply Said on Monday and picked up some Basic Grey stamps I had put away. And I got some Inque boutique stamp sets in Clints (Sorry Sam's now!) for the bargain price of $2.97 even though they were marked $5.99!! But I am still having trouble creating this week! I am hoping to get James to drive me to Melbourne on Sunday for Paperific, that should get me back!!

I did Sandies Sketch challenge this morning, and I have made it as a little love card, to give James to try and soften him up!! I have used heart stamps and used a creamy peach background, blue as a focus colour. The sentiment is Forever My Love.

Pernickety's October Baby Month

The first challenge was to create a baby announcement card. Twists on the sketch were pink, birth announcement, with a envelope as well!! I loved this challenge and it took me so little time to do. I have been so slack getting it on the blog, mainly because Marie put it on hers so I didn't have to worry so much. Which is good because work has been really busy and I am so in need of a day off.

I have started with a pink base, pink vallum, I have used a pink stork button I have had for ages, pink it's a girl ribbon, and bits of scrap paper from my stash plus some extras from my stash. What a great way to use all my extra bits!!
I have a good friend from school who is pregnant with her 2nd child I hope she has a little girl!! Then I can use this card (plus it would be good for her as she already has a little boy)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Simply Said October Baby Kit

I have titled this page "You are the Key to my Happiness". It is the baby kit for Simply Said's October Baby Month. The conditions were that you had to use everything in the kit and could only add a alphabet for a title. The kit contained
-a sheet of K&Co Tim Coffey Rolling Hills with sheep printed flat paper - which I have used as my base. I also cut the sheep out and backed on chipboard.
-a sheet of K&Co Tim Coffey Rolling Hills printed flat paper - which I have used the little cottage, I cut it out and backed it on some chipboard to give it some dimension.
-a sheet of cream cardstock, which I have used to print out the word search.
-cream ribbon, I have used on the tag.
-a chipboard key, I have used in place of the word key in my title.
-a saying printed on vellum. I have cut up this lovely quote, and just used the words "new baby"
-Tiny tag, used to let people know to find the blue words.
-7Gypsies journal box, I have used to write about Ethan and also as the word search, words to find.
-a piece of yellow cradstock that had been embossed with the cuttlebug, I have used the piece that was not embossed under the vellum, and the embossed piece under the word search.
-yellow button, yellow flower and 2 cream flowers, I have put these all together to make one flower.
Plus I have added a 4x4 photo of Ethan a few hours after he was born and the alphabet which is from Pink Paislee yellow fashion script letters.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sandies Week 5 Sketch

My fifth card for Sandie. A pink base, pink and green patterned paper from Sandylion. The words are from a sheet of tinkerbell paper. Three pink star brads. A hand coloured fairy stamp finished with stickles.

Sandies Tag Sketch

Another one from Monday. Navy cardstock base, white felt flower ribbon, red buttons and naturtal string. Really Simple but fun.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Ethan's 5th Birthday Party

Well Saturday was Ethan's 5th birthday and to celebrate we had a Superheros Party with 5 of his Kinder and Creche friends, plus Immy had a little friend also. Immy had her nose out of joint, everytime Ethan opened presents she cracked the shits big time. But she only needs to wait another few weeks and its her birthday.

I was really worried about the weather Friday and Saturday morning, our house is just too small for 8 hypo kids and the few parents that stayed. But it was actually quite warm in the sun.

Ethan had his Girlfriend Savannah at his party and when we took the group photo all the boys called out 'Ethan has a Girlfriend, Ethan likes Savannah.' It was so cute.

The kids had heaps of fun running around the back yard. Can not wait to scrap the photos. James was behind the camera, and he snapped heaps. Which is the only benefit to his new camera!!
We had three spiderman's (Ethan's was the only one with muscles!!), a batman, a incredible, a sporticus (from Lazy town on ABC) and Immy was Super Girl. Nannie found this costume and she looked so cute. Who was very tired at the end of the day.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Ethan and the Snail

Our next page in our 6x6 bug book is a Snail, and Ethan loves to stop on snails, eewww!! So I got the camera out, found some snails and we watched what the would do, Ethan watched one for a few minutes come out of it's shell and start to move, to was really watching it and I thought he might not want to stomp on them anymore, but no sooner had the thought finished, Ethan looks at me a said "Can I squish it now?"

Sandies Week 4 Sketch

A basic one this week! I was a little bit busy with work and getting ready for Ethan's 5th birthday party on Saturday. I have centred the whole design of this card around my ribbon. So I have navy cardstock as a base, lime green with a hand drawn border. A pink fabric flower and a smaller paper flower, and a over sized brad as the flower centre. I really enjoy the bright colours in this card.