Sunday, September 28, 2008

What A Wicked Night

What a truly amazing show Wicked was, the actors were all really superbly brilliant, a down fall was that Rob Mills was not there and his part was played by his understudy. Lucy Durack, the lady that played Galinda was so perfect for the role, she had the "dumb blonde" (excuse the pun) down pat. The set was brilliant, they has this massive dragon about the stage that blew smoke and moved.

The major downfall for the night was that you could not take photos in the Regent theatre -PERIOD!! The users were really tight with it, I think they would have kicked people out if they took photos! Not impressed, they said something about because it's privately owned?

And they sold 'Ozmopolitans' very cool, especially the glowing glass. And potion bottles for the kids (don't think Jas was impressed though - she would have much preferred the ozmopolitan!) I just wished they had Wicked written on them somewhere.

Before the show we spent the day shopping in Melbourne, we all brought new outfits, including shoes and jewelery! Felt like Princesses!! I found my earrings first then had to find the clothes to match. I even had one of the male users compliment on them, so it made the weight of them worth it!!

We had an early tea at Mee Too Cafe near Melbourne Central, one of the best meals we have all had, and they were the most massive portions I have ever seen, especially Jasmine's lasagna.

We were staying about 1 block away from Witches In Britches, which is the one theatre restaurant I have not been to yet, but I so want to, it was killing me! It is high on my wish list! We walked home through the Flagstaff Gardens. We saw 11 possums, which was great for Heather.

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