Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Pop Is Unwell

Pop went to hospital yesterday to have some kidney stones removed, but ended up being transferred to a bigger hospital, because he had fluid on his lungs. Because of my new work hours I am unable to go to see him. So I thought I would make a Get Well Soon Card. Ethan had to have a go at "crappin" with me, he wanted to make something for Pop too. He is getting very creative. Not a bad effort for a almost 5 year old boy! But I need more Patience with him.
I have discovered that I REALLY need some 'mens' stamps and things. I was really struck for what to put on his card.

I ended up using Stampin' Up cardstock. Basic Grey Blush boyfriend paper. Urban Lily Spot the Daisy paper and Stampin' Up Riveting stamps. I have stitched the stems to the flowers. Not very masculine, but it's the best I could come up with, with what I had at home.

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