Saturday, September 20, 2008

Introducing Scraggy Aggie and Patches Magee!

What a great day we had at Simply Said today. It was great to see all us girls dressed as pirates, very BOOTYLISHIOUS ones to I might add!!!! The kids got dressed up for the fun to, then Pa came and picked them up so Mum and me could get into some serious scrappin'. Immy had been saying since the day was set that she was not going to be a pirate, as she is a 'Princess Girl - not a pirate Mum' and she kept this up until last night. I thought I would never get her in her costume! But when I got home from work on Friday night I picked her up and we went to the supermarket and she informed me she was going to be a Pirate Princess, so while we were shopping we were thinking up names for her and Ethan, we settled on "Scraggy Aggie" for Madame Imogen and "Patches Magee" for Mozzie. She was all of a sudden right into it, and when we got to Nannie's house this morning to get dressed, she was a true pirate. She looked adorable, Ethan looked the part with a beard and scarred face Pa drew on him, he loved it.
Not A bad smile for someone who never wanted to be a Pirate!

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