Sunday, September 28, 2008

Feels like home

Pyzam Family Sticker Toy
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What A Wicked Night

What a truly amazing show Wicked was, the actors were all really superbly brilliant, a down fall was that Rob Mills was not there and his part was played by his understudy. Lucy Durack, the lady that played Galinda was so perfect for the role, she had the "dumb blonde" (excuse the pun) down pat. The set was brilliant, they has this massive dragon about the stage that blew smoke and moved.

The major downfall for the night was that you could not take photos in the Regent theatre -PERIOD!! The users were really tight with it, I think they would have kicked people out if they took photos! Not impressed, they said something about because it's privately owned?

And they sold 'Ozmopolitans' very cool, especially the glowing glass. And potion bottles for the kids (don't think Jas was impressed though - she would have much preferred the ozmopolitan!) I just wished they had Wicked written on them somewhere.

Before the show we spent the day shopping in Melbourne, we all brought new outfits, including shoes and jewelery! Felt like Princesses!! I found my earrings first then had to find the clothes to match. I even had one of the male users compliment on them, so it made the weight of them worth it!!

We had an early tea at Mee Too Cafe near Melbourne Central, one of the best meals we have all had, and they were the most massive portions I have ever seen, especially Jasmine's lasagna.

We were staying about 1 block away from Witches In Britches, which is the one theatre restaurant I have not been to yet, but I so want to, it was killing me! It is high on my wish list! We walked home through the Flagstaff Gardens. We saw 11 possums, which was great for Heather.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sandie's Place Week 3 Challenge

Well it varies a little from Sandie's sketch, but I like it. I have made it a monkey themed birthday card. I used ColorMates Deep Totally Tan cardstock. Monkeys and flourishes cut from a cuttlebug, and Creative Imaginations, Debbie Mumm barrel of monkeys patterned paper. The sentiment reads " More fun than a barrel of monkeys"

Ethan had a Curious George party last year and this was paper range was just perfect for scrapbooking his special day.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Inspired by a day scrappin' I cleaned my scrap space!

Inspired by today's Pirate Day classes, I have had a major change around of our tiny study, to create a bigger scrap space and a cleaner one!! I moved my desk, threw a heap of crap out and after months of having all my kitchen stuff in my space I removed it, into our buffet for the time being. So I finally don't have to sit on the floor to scrap. It is such a small space but it's mine!

I also started to make my 'Create' banner, so i'll have a nice spot to sit have a cuppa and scrap my little heart out.

Introducing Scraggy Aggie and Patches Magee!

What a great day we had at Simply Said today. It was great to see all us girls dressed as pirates, very BOOTYLISHIOUS ones to I might add!!!! The kids got dressed up for the fun to, then Pa came and picked them up so Mum and me could get into some serious scrappin'. Immy had been saying since the day was set that she was not going to be a pirate, as she is a 'Princess Girl - not a pirate Mum' and she kept this up until last night. I thought I would never get her in her costume! But when I got home from work on Friday night I picked her up and we went to the supermarket and she informed me she was going to be a Pirate Princess, so while we were shopping we were thinking up names for her and Ethan, we settled on "Scraggy Aggie" for Madame Imogen and "Patches Magee" for Mozzie. She was all of a sudden right into it, and when we got to Nannie's house this morning to get dressed, she was a true pirate. She looked adorable, Ethan looked the part with a beard and scarred face Pa drew on him, he loved it.
Not A bad smile for someone who never wanted to be a Pirate!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Sandie's Place Blog Challenge

I have completed Sandie's first sketch challenge. What a great freehand Sandie has! Her blog is . I have used Stampin Up cardstock as the card base. Then a olive plain paper. The two different stripe papers are K & Co Tim Coffey Tulips Green and red stripe flat and Red Tulip Stripe Flat Paper. The tulip is cut from the Red Tulips Embossed paper. I have raised this with foam tape. I have added the sentiment forever, which I cut from the Tulips Words Flat Paper. I like this card, I think Mum will like it too.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Imogen the Lady Bird

For our next Monday night class with Marie, we are starting our 6x6 Bug Book. The first page is Lady Bird. Marie lent me her daughters costume, how cute is it! Of course we had to tell Miss Madame that it was a red fairy, and not use the bug or bird words. She twirled and whirled around the garden. I love all my photos but I like this one because she decided the daffodils were fairy cups.

At The Snow Today

We went to Mt.Baw Baw today, we rugged the kids right up and headed off early. I spent so much time rugging up the kids and packing dry clothes for after our play, I forgot my own coat. How typically "Mummy" of me. Ethan and Immy slipped and slided on the snow and we spend about 45 minutes there before the kids and possibly Dad had enough of the Snow and cold. Ethan saw a snowman and we had a snowball fight, poor Immy copped two straight in her face. She ended up walking around saying "No, no, no, no more" Poor thing. She is even getting car sick, something she inherited from her Mum unfortunately.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Pop Is Unwell

Pop went to hospital yesterday to have some kidney stones removed, but ended up being transferred to a bigger hospital, because he had fluid on his lungs. Because of my new work hours I am unable to go to see him. So I thought I would make a Get Well Soon Card. Ethan had to have a go at "crappin" with me, he wanted to make something for Pop too. He is getting very creative. Not a bad effort for a almost 5 year old boy! But I need more Patience with him.
I have discovered that I REALLY need some 'mens' stamps and things. I was really struck for what to put on his card.

I ended up using Stampin' Up cardstock. Basic Grey Blush boyfriend paper. Urban Lily Spot the Daisy paper and Stampin' Up Riveting stamps. I have stitched the stems to the flowers. Not very masculine, but it's the best I could come up with, with what I had at home.