Thursday, August 28, 2008

Big Boys Night

James went to kinder with Ethan tonight. I rang James at work to make sure he didn't forget only to be told he had already had a call from his mum, who was babysitting while we were at work, because Ethan was fretting from about 4pm that James would forget kinder. Ethan walked in the door afterwards with the biggest smile on his face. They did some paintings, make a speed boat from wood, played trains, read a group story (including James having to sit on the mat!!), James made a big train track for the kids and got the track building award! Who would have guessed. After not really wanting to go James had a good night.

At work today I tried to amputate my finger, with of all things a pair of tongs!! I must be the only person who could do it! It really hurt and bleed and bleed. It is still really sore.

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