Thursday, August 28, 2008

Big Boys Night

James went to kinder with Ethan tonight. I rang James at work to make sure he didn't forget only to be told he had already had a call from his mum, who was babysitting while we were at work, because Ethan was fretting from about 4pm that James would forget kinder. Ethan walked in the door afterwards with the biggest smile on his face. They did some paintings, make a speed boat from wood, played trains, read a group story (including James having to sit on the mat!!), James made a big train track for the kids and got the track building award! Who would have guessed. After not really wanting to go James had a good night.

At work today I tried to amputate my finger, with of all things a pair of tongs!! I must be the only person who could do it! It really hurt and bleed and bleed. It is still really sore.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ethan's Kinder

Ethan brought a photo home from Kinder yesterday from the dinosaur bones visit. It is of him and a "dinosaur tooth", at least that's what he tells me it is! I had to laugh at the date on the teachers camera it says 20/02/2003 on the photo. I told Ethan it's a very cleaver camera taking a photo of you before you were born!

I have also put some other photos of his time at Kinder on. He came home from Kinder yesterday telling me they don't have kinder on Thursday because they are having a Big Boys night time session at kinder instead. So James has to go to kinder with him. I think they are doing something with the Dad's for Fathers day.

Class on Monday night was good, Marie did a Off The Page Father's day project with us. I almost got mine finished in the class. I have done it for Dad from Ethan and Imogen. They have started to add pictures they have drawn. Marie used a idea she found in a magazine by scrappin' Queen Heidi Swapp and modified it to make the mini book.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Aunty Leonie

I have been friends with Leonie since we where in kindergarten. And now that Ethan is in Kinder it makes it seem like so long ago. A lifetime! I have done some pages lately to commemorate our friendship. The first is our first day at Yarragon Primary School, grade Prep. This was done in a class at Simply Said. The second page is us at my wedding. Leonie was my Maid of Honour, as we had always planned. This page was done using Stampin' Up products.

In general life the weather has started to warm up, we had a lovely day on Saturday and spent the afternoon in the garden, I moved some bulbs that had sprung up in the oddest places. I pulled 3 tree stumps from the edge of the fence. Only about 20 more to go! Then I can edge the garden. With Spring just around the corner, we are planning to lower the front fence and move it forward. I am so excited about this, even though it is going to be a massive job!

We are also re-tiling the kitchen, which will be good when we are finished. No more horrid blue uneven tiles! I don't know why some people DIY!! So the house is having some major changes, although they are happening slowly. But they will happen!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Family Day at the Museum

We have been promising Ethan to take him to see the dinosaurs at the museum since they came to visit St.Andrews Kinder. The exhibition closes next weekend, so we thought we had better do it now or never! It was a perfect day to go to the museum, except the train was packed both ways, on the way to Melbourne we never got to sit together and had to nurse the kids. Immy is such a little brat now. I was go grateful when she fell asleep just on the other side of Pakenham. But then she was just a dead weight! The dinosaur exhibition was really good, Ethan wandered around with his little camera out taking photo after photo of dinosaur bones. There was even some good ones! But the rest of the museum was just a little too boring for both of the kids though, but they did love the bug section. Even though Mum had a little too much bugs!!